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Welcome to TEAM

Building Contract Administration and Building Dispute Resolution

Paul Smart, Managing Director of TEAM (Construction Support) Limited

Paul Smart

TEAM offers Building Contract Administration and Building Dispute Resolution services for Builders, Architects and Private clients.

Paul Smart is the Managing Director of TEAM (Construction Support) Limited.

If you have a Building Contract Dispute, Paul will provide you with the correct advice in a clear, concise and timely manner so that you can fully understand your position and your options whether it be during the term of the building contract or within a formal building dispute.

Paulís aim is to help his clients by ensuring that their building contracts are transparent and correctly specified to control costs, protect profits and avoid contract disputes. He will also administer and manage building contracts to completion and ensure all the normal issues of cost and time are properly managed.

Contact Paul Smart now on 07921 678751 for a free 30 minute consultation to discuss how TEAM can support your building project or resolve a contract dispute.

Building Contract Disputes Do Happen Ė TEAM Resolves Contract Disputes

TEAM can resolve your Building Contract Disputes

TEAM can resolve your Building Contract Dispute at minimal cost

Building Contract Disputes can occur for many reasons and the business impact on the parties involved can be devastating Ė a huge amount of time and energy is spent stressing about how to reach a fair resolution.

TEAM will take ownership of the Building Dispute Resolution case and engage with all parties taking a direct and focussed hands-on approach to understand the perspectives of both the client or property owner (Customer) and the building contractor (Supplier).

Often one party has a misconception of the strength of their case and this will be exposed so that informed business decisions can be made by all parties to quickly resolve the dispute.

TEAM will start with the aim of achieving a Reconciliation Agreement between the relevant parties and will explore all options to minimise cost to their client.

Litigation will be a Last Resort

TEAM can resolve your Construction Contract Disputes

TEAM always encourages a Reconciliation Agreement

Litigation will be positioned as a last resort and not in the interest of any of the parties involved in the dispute due to the consequential high cost of legal fees and protracted legal proceedings.

In the unlikely event that a reconciliation agreement that is acceptable to all parties canít be reached a legal briefing document will be prepared to minimise legal costs and to expedite the court case. TEAM will still continue to encourage a reconciliation agreement between the parties to minimise legal costs and the financial risk of damages being payable to the appropriate party by a court ruling.

TEAM will declare their costs upfront and keep their client fully informed at every stage of the dispute resolution process and give advice on what action to take that is in their best interest.

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Contact Paul Smart now on 07921 678751 for a free 30 minute consultation to discuss how TEAM can quickly resolve your building contract dispute.

Successfully Deliver on your Building Projects

TEAM can provide the Building Contract Management Support for your projects

TEAM provide flexible Building Contract Management Support

Paul is also helping small-medium sized building companies to correctly implement their contract management processes so that they can successfully deliver on larger projects and improve their profitability and cash flow as their business grows.

Read a Case Study on TEAMís flexible Building Contract Management)

On the client side of a building project, Paul is also supporting Property Developers and the clients of Architects by checking that tender documents submitted by the builder are correctly specified, the requirements fully understood and high or low cost rate sensitivities are explored prior to sign-off. This Building Contract Quality Review service, reduces the likelihood of unforeseen surprises in cost for the client or loss for the builder.

Take Advantage of 35 Yearsí Experience in the Building and Construction Industry

Paul has over 35 yearsí experience in the Building and Construction Industry, which delivers huge value to his clients as it ensures contracts are efficiently administered and if any issues arise they are brought to closure quickly.

In the past Paul has worked for clients such as Millennium & Copthorne Hotels, Kodak, Cullenís Stores (now Tesco), insurance companies and high-end architects with the most demanding quality standards and time critical completion requirements.


Contact Paul Smart now on 07921 678751 for a free 30 minute consultation to explore how TEAM can help your building project.

TEAM - Transparent, Efficient and Affordable Management Construction Support to help you manage your building contracts and resolve your building disputes at minimal cost.

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